Brandon Vogt has posted a petition on his website titled Free the Word: Why the Church Needs to Release Her Teachings to the World. I’ve posted on Open Source Catholic about the same topic in the past (see the links at the bottom of this post), and I’m glad to see this getting more attention.

The problem: Right now, many of the faithful are being restricted from fully sharing Scripture and other teachings of the Church in the most effective ways. We need to be flooding the world with the lumen fidei—the light of faith—yet there are current Church policies preventing this from happening. The current licensing policies for the most essential texts and teachings of the Church (e.g. the Bible, the Catechism, encyclicals, etc.) are making it difficult, expensive, or impossible for Catholics to fairly reproduce and share them. This well-meaning but imprudent policy is directly hampering the Church's evangelistic mission.

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