I have the impression the activity on the forum is quite low, nevertheless I’m going to put forward a question. As you can see in my previous post, I’m working on some ideas to get the church some presence on mobile media.

My main use case is for a faithful or anyone who’s interested, to find out what’s going on in his neighbourhood. There should be a (web) app that can answer concrete questions like

  • where can I attent mass later today closeby? (may include e.g. funeral masses)
  • which parishes in the diocese offer midnight masses for Christmas this year?
  • are any rosary prayer groups active closeby?
  • where and when can I make confession?
  • what’s the calendar of public activities in my parish?
  • what’s the calendar of events for this church (imagining a church’s info board being labeled with a QR-code that directs to this question)

Technically, I see this as a database containing agenda data (ical/ics format, also supporting recurring events etc.), enriched with geo data and tags, so one can filter on where the event occurs and on the type of event.

Entering data should be made very easy. Anyone can submit events, on condition of providing an email address and with a moderation on parish or diocese level. On the other hand, it should be open enough to also host data for events that don’t link to diocese, e.g. private prayer or bible reading initiatives, abbeys or other catholic communities.

Because this use case is very generic and could apply to any type of open organization, I wonder if a platform of this type isn’t available yet?

Any ideas?

Regards, Vic