God may be omnipresent — but His priests aren’t. So a holy man in Madison, Wisc., has turned to app development, along with divine guidance, to find a better way to tend to the needs of his 800-family flock. Father Richard Heilman is launching a My Confessor App that will let his parishioners know when and where he is available to listen to their sins. After 25 years in the ministry, Heilman believes Catholics could do with a bit more priest-and-me time. His preferred dosage is at least once a month. “Maybe more often if you’re dealing with repetitive sin,” Heilman told The News. “A lot of us aren’t in a state of grace and confessions help that grace flow freely.”

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Rev. Heilman’s service, and the priestly ministry from which it flows, is spot-on, and very much needed. I hope he can make the app/service work even better and gain adoption by many more parishes around the country. If I can see how long it will take me to get a haircut anywhere within 100 miles of a city, and schedule my next haircut; why can’t I see if a priest is available for confession at one of the hundreds of parishes in any given diocese? To say nothing of mass times, adoration times, etc.

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