I wanted to thank the Pope as he retired but I didn’t know how. I happen to work with youth ministry, so I also wanted a way for teens to get involved. Then this idea came to me, why don’t we create a Twitter storm of thank-you messages. If we got enough, our tag would appear on “Trending” for all users on twitter even non-Catholics.

I mentioned it to a few who have more followers than I on twitter and got a positive response. So now I would like to invite you to participate with the tag #ThanksPontifex.

We want to have messages being posted all day on the 27th and 28th to trend. Then at the moment the Pope retires (7:45-8:15pm Rome time on the 28th) we want to try and occupy multiple of the top 10 trending worldwide spots. Once #ThanksPontifex tops the list, we can add in #PontifexThanks, #PontifexThanks, #TYBenedictXVI, and #ThanksBenedictXVI in that order.

Many tweets are good with @Pontifex at the beginning. I think it is best if everyone personalizes it a bit after adding the one tag - then I think the tag will trend better. (Nobody knows the secret formula to determine trending on Twitter.)

I have a bunch of model tweets and programs to schedule tweets at a more in depth post on my own blog.

I’ll add you to the list if you tweet to me @22Catholic.