I just wanted to post an update at the end of 2015; as stated in The Future of Open Source Catholic, I wanted to find a way to move this site forward, being honest that I probably won’t have a lot of time to do much myself.

My main goals in doing so are to ensure Catholic developers and companies who are interested in OSS and an ‘open’ philosophy in their technological development have a central resource to learn and share ideas and software.

Some of the earliest suggestions have always been to make everything a blog post, and to that end, I’m going to work on a migration from the current site (which is built on Drupal 7 and integrates with Apache Solr search) to a static Jekyll site hosted on GitHub pages.

I’ve already set up the Open Source Catholic organization on GitHub, inside which the new site content will reside (in a public/open repository, which anyone can fork and contribute to), and I hope that with a little time and some assistance, we can get everything, including hopefully all the helpful comments and forum posts, migrated into a new static site.