When I started Open Source Catholic in 2009, I was hoping to create a centralized resource for Catholics who were involved in OSS, sharing of ideas, tips and techniques for technology and web use for Catholic organizations, and a forum for Catholic software and app developers.

I was also employed by the Church at the time, and spent a good deal of time working on the problem of the Catholic Church being far behind tech trends in the wider tech world.

Times have changed, this site has basically been on mothballs for a couple years, and besides keeping the site patched for security updates, I haven’t really had any incentive/plans to keep the site or the community going.

If someone else in the OSC community would like to take the reins, host the site, etc., I’d be happy to turn this over to them. Otherwise, my plan at this point is to turn the site into a static site, put it on mothballs permanently, and close out the social media accounts.

Are there any objections? Any feedback on this plan? I’ve been putting off this decision for some time, but it seems the time has come to do something about it, as crawlers (which aren’t respecting robots.txt, and which I don’t want to spend time fighting) have begun to practically DoS the server this site is on from time to time, and activity throughout the OSC realm has dropped to basically nil.