So, this post reminded me of a project I always thought would be useful, but never really embarked upon.  Maybe by mentioning it here, someone may think it interesting enough to start on.

I've always thought it would be a good idea to have either a piece of software (as cross platform as possible) or a Website that teaches about the Mass.  It could have the parts of the Mass that can then be expanded to the actual texts, parts of the bible where the texts come from, commentaries, overall summary, etc..  You know, something that someone can point newcomers to the Church to.

Given that we're transitioning to the new revision of the Mass, now might be a good time to start such a project with the new texts.

If one went the web route, I wouldn't recommend HTML5 as this would need to be as accessible to as many people as possible.  But maybe someone would like to work on it.  I MIGHT be able to find some time to help.